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There are 2 types of ramblingI do them both.

When I sit down and think of all the places I want to go, all the things I want to do it’s overwhelming. Despite what I’ve been told, the world doesn’t really feel that small after all. And time, well time just keeps ticking away.

I’m tired of saying “I’ve never been there before,” or, “That’s at the top of my list.” My list is feeling pretty top-heavy these days, so it’s time to start chipping away and changing my response to, “I went there once, it was amazing.”  

Most of the travel blogs out there are run by people who quit their jobs, leave their homes, and meander around faraway places like Southeast Asia for months at a time. Which, don’t get me wrong, sounds amazing, but what if I don’t want to quit my job? What if I like my home? That can’t be the only way to see the world? I know I'll never be able to see everything, but why not see something, take in as much as I can now.

That’s why I’ve decided to go one new place every month. I want to wake up every day and know that another trip is right around the corner. I don’t have to go very far, or for very long, some trips can be a quick drive away for a day, a weekend, or (if I’m lucky) a week or more. I want to travel and I want to write.

So, let me stop rambling on and get on to the rambling.