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Gjáin, the Most Mystical Place in Iceland

Find Your Foss

We were unsure of what we stumbled upon, but there was an interesting stone staircase compelling us to explore. Looking down from where we parked it was difficult to take the entire scene in, but as the staircase curved down the hill it revealed the most mystical and magical place I’ve ever seen.

How to Be a Homebody Who Leaves Home

Deep down inside, I’m a homebody. There’s nothing I enjoy more than nestling into my own bed, burrowing into a pile of pillows, and draping myself in fuzzy blankets with a book. As a self-declared introvert, I don’t just crave this alone time, I need it to recharge, to be myself again . . .

Planning Spontaneous Travel

Planning spontaneous travel may be an oxymoron, but if you’re a Type A person like me than you plan everything—even your spontaneity. Find out how Google Maps can help you let your hair down while staying true to your proactive organized self.