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5 Things Every Tourist Should Do In Seattle

After spending a long weekend running around the city, my long-time friend Elise and I decided to embrace our inner tourists and see the sights. Aside from taking lots of selfies and walking around with an open map at all times, we recommend doing these five things in Seattle.


MAY: New Orleans, LO

When I used to picture New Orleans, I imagined trails of hot, sweaty bachelor and bachelorette parties crowded together with to-go cups, little clothing, the roaring sound of their voices blurring together as they stumbled through unidentifiable puddles and drifted like a haze in the humidity . . . 

APRIL: Newport, RI

A road trip with the right person can be all you need—even when traffic turns a four-hour trip into six. For my old college roommate Christine and I, the unexpectedly long drive was a chance to catch up, laugh, and . . .