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Why it's Worth Hiking to Glymur in Iceland

Robert Frost Knew a Thing or Two About Roads

Until recently, Glymur stood as Iceland’s largest waterfall, knocked from its long reign by Morsárfoss, an outlet glacier of Vatnajökull revealed by the melting of Morsárjökull. Aside from being difficult for English speakers to pronounce, this discovery is a testament to Iceland’s forever changing landscape, and to exploring the road less traveled.


JULY: Canoe Camping at Cheney Pond

Nature vs. Nurture: Can the art of camping be learned?

You’ve probably never heard of Newcomb, NY. If you have, I’m going to guess you’re either from somewhere near this modest, charming Adirondack town, you’re one of the approximate 400 people that currently live there, or, like my boyfriend, you grew up there . . .