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How to Be a Homebody Who Leaves Home

Deep down inside, I’m a homebody. There’s nothing I enjoy more than nestling into my own bed, burrowing into a pile of pillows, and draping myself in fuzzy blankets with a book. As a self-declared introvert, I don’t just crave this alone time, I need it to recharge, to be myself again . . .

APRIL: Newport, RI

A road trip with the right person can be all you need—even when traffic turns a four-hour trip into six. For my old college roommate Christine and I, the unexpectedly long drive was a chance to catch up, laugh, and . . .


Three years ago, I did a really moronic, idiotic, stupid thing. I fell in love. Don’t worry, it wasn’t stupid because of the guy (well not entirely anyway), it’s simply because we lived, and still live, two and half hours away from one another.

JANUARY: Edgartown, MA

December 31st isn’t exactly a popular time to visit Martha’s Vineyard, it’s not exactly a New Year’s Eve hot spot, but still, we wanted to see the island for the first time in the offseason, to experience it at a slower, less crowded pace.