Welcome Brave Beginners

Why is she posting something about January in June?

Well, I only decided to start this blog in April. That’s around the time I realized I'd been somewhere new in January and February and was itching to go somewhere else. I’d already made travel plans for September and October, but that wasn’t soon enough. So, I decided to make a commitment to myself, to go one new place every month and then write about my journeys. (I had to do a makeup for March). 

Traveling and writing are surprisingly similar in that they both take you to new places. You arrive somewhere you've never been before and your senses are surprised and overjoyed. 

That's what I'm hoping this blog will do for us both. Thank you for being one of the brave beginners to explore this blog in its early stages. Things are always a little experimental at the start, but soon I’ll find my rhythm. Also, I didn't take as many pictures in the first few months, because I didn't realize I'd have an audience to share with, so as time goes on the pictures and videos will be better and more abundant. And hopefully, if we’re both lucky, I'll get the hang of this whole blogging thing pretty quickly. 

So sit back and enjoy my ramblings.

JANUARY: Edgartown, MA

JANUARY: Edgartown, MA